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ELS Edification Plus Spearheads Paradigm Shift in Early Childhood Teaching

Elon Musk advocates that education should emphasize real-world problem-solving, personalized instruction tailored to each student’s needs and interests, and learning through practical application rather than just providing conceptual tools.

This vision aligns with the approach of ELS Edification Plus International, a pioneering early childhood education initiative aiming to fundamentally transform the landscape of preschool and primary learning.

About ELS Edification Plus

Founded in 2002, ELS Edification Plus is reshaping early education globally, earning applause from prominent educators for its paradigm-shifting vision.

Unlike many commercially driven preschools and nurseries, ELS Edification Plus prioritizes the qualitative development of young minds over profits.

Its goal is to build an equitable society by addressing diverse educational needs worldwide and working collaboratively with various societal components to nurture brighter, more inclusive futures.

India Initiatives

In India, ELS Edification Plus aims to upskill 500,000 Anganwadi workers and primary educators by 2023, thereby enhancing early childhood care and education for 5 million primary school children.

Aligned with India’s National Education Policy 2020, ELS Edification Plus has developed innovative programs to strengthen the early education system:

  • Anganwadi Worker Upskilling Program

Develops Anganwadi workers’ knowledge and capabilities in caring for and educating young children through ECCE best practices.

  • Empowerment & Enrichment Program for ECCE Educators

Transforms preschool teaching methods to be more engaging, effective, and tailored to each child’s needs. 

  • Fundamental Learning Program for Literacy & Numeracy

Establishes inclusive and improved literacy and numeracy education customized to different learning pathways.

These personalized, problem-solving-focused programs have shown tremendous success in government schools, addressing real gaps in India’s early education landscape.

Tamil Nadu Initiatives

In the state of Tamil Nadu, ELS Edification Plus has partnered with government leaders aiming to uplift underprivileged children through equipping Anganwadi workers and preschool teachers with state-of-the-art knowledge and capabilities.

For instance, the District Collector of Tiruvannamalai, IAS Kandasamy, recognized the transformative impact of ELS training on thousands of local teachers under his jurisdiction.

He advocated expanding the training throughout Tamil Nadu, noting how strengthening early childhood education is crucial for solving broader societal problems.

International Kindergarten Model

ELS Edification Plus offers an International Kindergarten model aligned with 21st-century best practices for early learners. Key components include

  • Basic and advanced training programs to equip preschool teachers with the latest knowledge and instructional approaches
  • Montessori-inspired curriculum focused on fostering student independence and self-direction
  • Proprietary ELS methodologies like storytelling and English language immersion
  • School health/safety and child development best practices

This International Kindergarten provides a state-of-the-art foundation for early education, oriented around problem-based learning and tailored support for each child’s needs.

Franchise Model

To expand access globally, our ELS Edification Plus offers an ELS UK KIDZ franchise preschool model. This represents a turnkey opportunity for aspiring preschool owners to implement the ELS educational vision within our local contexts under an established brand.

Franchisees receive training in ELS methodologies and ongoing support while educating young children consistent with ELS priorities around nurturing development and addressing societal inequities.

  • Women Empowerment Vocational Training Scheme
  • ELS international kindergarten
  • Basic and Advanced training programs for teachers
  • 21st century updated International kindergarten
  • Teacher training “Primary  Curriculum”
  • Montessori Training
  • (19th-century kindergarten teachers training “supporting curriculum”)
  • ELS PP Teacher Skill Development
  • ELS storytelling and honey bee-trained English learning training
  • School First Aid Training Program
  • Child health and nutrition
  • Child Safety
  • Child born development and oral care
  • School management training
  • ELS Speech Therapy Training
  • ELS Calm Birth Training (Allied Subject)
  • ELS Nanny Training for Nanny
  • And non-teaching staff
  • ELS Babysitter Training (Non-teaching staff)
  • International Pre School franchise the name of ELS UK KIDZ

Final Thoughts

Aligned with Elon Musk’s perspective, ELS Edification Plus International is transforming early childhood education centered around problem-based, personalized, and practical learning methodologies.

Through grassroots partnerships and global expansion of our state-of-the-art early education models, ELS Edification Plus aims to nurture brighter, more equitable futures for children worldwide.

Our success represents the tremendous potential for positive societal change through fresh, student-focused educational approaches.

For more details, visit: https://www.elsukkidz.com/

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