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Job-Ready Paramedical Diploma courses in India from IPH&H

Job-Ready Paramedical Diploma courses in India from IPH&H

Except for an MBBS degree, a prominent course in biology after 12th is the Paramedical Course. Students who want to work as a paramedic, assisting doctors and dealing with emergency situations, take paramedical studies after 10+2 or after graduation.

A Leading Institution in the Paramedical Diploma Courses In India

This is exactly where IPH&H makes a grand entry. IPH&H (INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE) as a leading institution in the paramedical diploma courses space in India is committed to teaching students what they need to know. The objective at IPHH is straightforward. To offer a job-ready, practical, and hands-on education that prepares students for a satisfying, long-term career. Many educational institutions create training programs based on their own arbitrary ideas about what constitutes a good education. Our programs are based on the real-world training and qualifications that businesses look for when making recruiting decisions.

IPH&H (INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE) was founded in July 1976 by (Late)Dr. Shyam Sunder Joshi, whose visionary principles prompted him to envisage and develop an Institution that was accessible to the globe.

IPH&H: One Year Paramedical Diploma Courses: 

For decades, Medical laboratories and various technologies associated with it have been an invincible tool in the diagnosis and study of various diseases for proper treatment. The demand for trained paramedical professionals is constantly increasing.

The one-year paramedical diploma course from IPH&H (INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE) provides both practical and theoretical knowledge about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various diseases and health problems. After the completion of the course, these professionals play an important role in disease diagnosis and provide the best care and treatment available. At the same time, ensuring that they have a rewarding career ahead. Some of the extremely popular one-year paramedical Diploma courses offered by IPH&H (INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE) is listed below:- 

  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Cath Lab Technology
  • X-Ray & ECG Technology
  • Operation Theatre Technology 
  • Public Health & Sanitation Technology   
  • Public Health Education
  • CT Technology  
  • MRI Technician
  • Anesthesia
  • Dialysis Technician

2- Year specialized Paramedical Diploma Courses From  IPH&H (INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE) 

The goal of 2- Year specialized Paramedical Diploma Courses From  IPH&H (INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE) is to train and create qualified technical and professional staff in the field of paramedics and every related field associated such as radio imaging technology, medical laboratory technology, operation theatre, and complete dialysis technology. One of the best things about these 2-year diploma courses are the on-the-job training and technique demonstration that is imparted in collaboration with affiliated hospitals and diagnostic centers as part of the entire course curriculum

These 2-year paramedical diploma courses provide aspirants with clinical as well as administrative skills and qualifications. Few of the most popular 2- Year specialized Paramedical Diploma Courses From  IPH&H (INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE) are listed below:- 

  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • X-Ray & ECG Technology             
  • Operation Theatre Technology 
  • Physiotherapy  
  • Dental Assistant              
  • Ophthalmic Technology               
  • Dialysis Technology        
  • Public Health & Sanitation Technology

Paramedical Diploma Courses With Full Career Guidance

It is never too early or too late to begin planning for the future. The Institute’s Career Office at IPH&H (INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE) inspires and supports students to confidently transition beyond the Institute by creating a dynamic space for clarity through one-on-one counseling, grant writing workshops, career fairs, resume advice, LinkedIn workshops, mock interviews, and more. The Institute’s Career Center hosts campus interviews at the end of each semester for students enrolled in one-year or 2-year paramedical diploma courses at IPH&H.

When you enroll yourself at IPH&H, you choose a job-ready, socially rewarding career for you. The college also offers professional career counseling to each and every student at the IPH&H Career Office. The entire paramedical teaching and support staff in the department is dedicated to matching our young, aspiring students with suitable jobs once they complete their education. To foster the best industry behavior for an impressive show, resume writing seminars are held alongside courses in personality development and interview skills. Several interviews are held both on and off-campus to provide better exposure and a diverse range of opportunities.

Thinking of starting your journey as a certified paramedical professional in India? Paramedical diploma courses from IPH&H (INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE) are top-rated in India for their academic-industry collaboration. Have any questions or any other queries to ask?

Check the website for more information: https://www.iphhparamedic.in/

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