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Palingo and Eduthon Conquered hearts through Children’s Language Fest at Zapurza

As a human was born and made a medium to convey their messages with value and it became a medium to connect. Human being to another human being everybody knows the word “Mother” she develops language to talk with her unborn child which creates a bond of attachment and feelings same way every human language has its symbolic system which is connected with its own set of sounds and symbols and sounds get blended by various cultural dialect.

This cultural diversity of dance, food, festival, and literature imparts an important role in the development of an individual to build a strong society around him or herself to live their life with a positive mindset to grow even the cultural values. Learning languages there is no such age from 5 years to the young minds are very ready to adapt mother language, the local language, and any foreign language with the same perspective Palingo Foreign and regional languages classes online and offline Nanded City, Sinhgad Road, Pune presented Children’s language Fest on 29th January with Its associate organizers “Scholars tree Educare Private Limited (Pre School, daycare, nursery, teachers training program), “Stay featured” online media partner.

When connect connecting intellectual Facebook community group Eduthon “Education beyond the Syllabus” where we talk about learning beyond the school and college curriculum focused on skill and life base learning online and offline programs, talks, and competitions, successfully organized at Zapurza Art and Cultural Museum Pune. in Palingo presented the mission “सर्वभाषा सर्वोपरि ” where all Languages should have equal respect and opportunity to grow to help kids, youth as work language also to get opportunities of earning. In the Language Fest Poetry recitation done by various students of Palingo Foreign and regional online/online classes and students of various schools in regional languages Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Oriya, and foreign languages German, Spanish, French, and English which makes us proud of our mother language, local language or work language or any foreign language to build a bridge between people’s cultures and with a perspective of accepting cultural diversity.

Palingo and Eduthon Conquered hearts through Children's Language Fest at Zapurza

In children’s language, Fest, when we talk about cultures, should dance and painting also plays an essential role. At the same, the students of “Step Up Dance Academy “Nanded City presented beautiful classical and western dance with their students and with small kids aged 3 to 15 years also 5 years Yug played the piano very beautifully in this language fest the trophies were sponsored by Prutha Foundation working for children and Hindi language over a decade and many principles from renowned schools and professors from Pune College Hindi department were also invited, got facilitated and they have presented their thoughts. about languages and their benefits and opportunities for learning languages and our responsibilities to encourage young minds.

The Team of enthusiasts from diversified backgrounds includes Mrs Bhawana Gupta (Multilinguistic Professonal, Founder Palingo), Mrs Shweta Pankaj, Mrs Dr Saravjeet Kirad (Scholarstree Educare Private Limited ), Dr Akshay Kamble ( Founder, Adeace Private Limited). Dr Prachetan Potdar (Founder, Stay Featured) contributed hard for the success of the event.

We show our gratitude to our all community partners 5 to 15 kids club, and Kids explore World for gifting your beautiful storybooks to all the participants. Regional media partner Samrudha Vyapar Special Thanks to Mr Samir Paygude, Headman Kudje Village, Mr. Rupesh Dharmik (Founder, Brand Maker RD), Mr Sagar Lokhande & Entire team of Shotokon Karate De Sports Association. our venue partner is the Zapurza Art and Cultural Museum in Pune for cooperation. This journey has started with a small initiative with all organizations, educators, and students with the Awareness of the Acceptance of cultural barriers and no shame if you are using your mother language. This initiative will be continued and “सर्वभाषा सर्वोपरि” will bring happiness with a cultural connection.

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